The New Restaurant Entrepreneur

by Kep Sweeney

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In this book, I tell the story of my own trials and tribulations of the restaurant industry, with invaluable lessons to be learned from each situation.

The New Restaurant Entrepreneur: An Inside Look at Restaurant Deal-Making and Other Tales from the Culinary Trenches, published by Dearborn Press, focuses on the most critical, first phase of restaurant creation, when funding, partnerships, and a clear concept are developed and finalized.


 5.0 out of 5 starsBest book I’ve ever read on the business side of ...

By Serge Brown on January 2, 2018

“Best book I’ve ever read on the business side of a restaurant. And I’ve read a mountain of books.”

5.0 out of 5 starsFresh and original

By K. Burgin on April 23, 2005

“There are a lot of 'how to open a restaurant' books around, most of them rehashing the same material. This one is fresh and different, based on the author's experience and dedicated to ensuring the investor sees a return on their money. Easy to read and relevant for most entrepreneurs.”

5.0 out of 5 starsBest book on Restaurant Business Available

By B. Mills on October 29, 2011

“What a great book. Full of wisdom. This author knows his stuff. I could've saved a fortune if I had read this book 10 years ago. Many of the pitfalls encountered in this book, I have seen or experienced first-hand. I have read this book cover to cover 3 times and it also serves as an on-going reference for me. Cant recommend enough. If you're just going to open up a mom 'n pop shop, this probably will have limited potential info for you but if you're doing growth concepts or anything requiring structured financing then this will be of great benefit to you. Good Luck!”