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For debt holders and equity investors, successful engagements link balance sheet improvements to changes in competitive positioning. Capital structure improvements alone don’t address the fundamental issues operators face.

For example, in 2018, many of the 155 major restaurant chains generating $68 billion in revenue will continue to struggle resulting from new forms of competition, regulation and changes in consumer behavior. Consequently, restructuring for restaurants, most often, must include a shift in positioning to accommodate any balance sheet adjustments.

Interim Management

Acceleron Group has held interim CEO or CRO positions in companies that range from hospitality to technology. Engagement includes understanding the: 

  • mission and the vision of the company
  • product or service
  • distribution strategy
  • capabilities of the team
  • business model
  • market the company competes
  • company’s competitive set

Our objective is to develop a plan that will allow the company to fulfill the mission and the vision. The plan must take into account available funding, management’s capabilities, and the market’s need for the product of service.

Expert Witness

At Acceleron Group, my team and I offer compelling expert witness testimony as a result of experience that ranges from unit economic analysis to industry processes to sophisticate publicly traded company valuations. I skillfully serve client's litigation efforts in reports and depositions. My communication is powerful because of my study of storytelling, media training, and expert-commentary work on CNN, CNBC, and other outlets and publications.